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Choosing Gorgeous Concrete

When we made the decision to build a home, we had no idea what we were getting into. In addition to selecting siding colors and finding carpet that would work with our design scheme, we also wanted the outside to look incredible. Instead of choosing traditional gray concrete, we decided to work with professional cement contractors to create a gorgeous sidewalk and driveway. We paid to have the driveway stamped and stained, and it looked amazing when they were finished. This blog is all about the difference a decorated driveway, walkway, or sidewalk can make to your home, so that you can create a gorgeous estate.


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Using Concrete To Reduce Holiday Gift Expenses

The holidays come with a number of expenses. Paying for the food that you serve at your parties, the clothes that you wear to events and the gifts that you present to your friends and family can add up to a substantial amount of debt in a very short time. Have you thought about making gifts for the people on your list this year to trim your budget a bit? Below, you will find a few ideas for things that you can make out of concrete that the recipients are sure to love.


To make concrete planters you will need:

  • 2 plastic bowls for molds – one large and one 25% smaller than the other
  • Ready-mix concrete
  • Nonstick cooking spray
  • Large can of food or stone that fits into the smaller bowl

Start by spraying the bowls with nonstick cooking spray to keep the concrete from sticking to them. Spray the inside of the larger bowl and the outside of the smaller bowl.

Mix the concrete using the instructions.

Pour some of the concrete into the larger bowl so that there is an inch or two of concrete in the bottom of the bowl. Now, press the smaller bowl into the concrete gently. Don't press too hard, or the concrete on the bottom of the bowl will become too thin. Pour the concrete around the edges to fill the bigger bowl to the rim.

Let the concrete cure for about a week before removing the bowls.

Tip: You can decorate the planter after the concrete has dried using concrete stain, or when it is wet by carving a design into the top rim after the concrete has cured for a day or so.

Stepping Stones

Make a personalized stepping stone to give as a gift. This can be done by pouring concrete into a plastic-lined box and carving a design into the concrete before it cures. Then, once the concrete has cured completely, you can use concrete stain to give the stone a little color.

Book Ends

Book ends can be made using cardboard boxes lined with plastic wrap to pour the concrete into. After the concrete has begun to cure but is still soft, you can carve or stamp decorative finishes into the open end of the box.

Concrete is easy to use to make all sorts of fun and unique gifts that are sure to be enjoyed for many, many years. Let your creativity flow and come up with other unique ways to use concrete to reduce the cost of gifts this holiday season.

If you are considering having a larger concrete project completed, get in touch with a company like R Pepin & Sons Inc.