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When we made the decision to build a home, we had no idea what we were getting into. In addition to selecting siding colors and finding carpet that would work with our design scheme, we also wanted the outside to look incredible. Instead of choosing traditional gray concrete, we decided to work with professional cement contractors to create a gorgeous sidewalk and driveway. We paid to have the driveway stamped and stained, and it looked amazing when they were finished. This blog is all about the difference a decorated driveway, walkway, or sidewalk can make to your home, so that you can create a gorgeous estate.


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Grinding Hard Concrete: Simple Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

The advantages of grinding extend beyond providing a good-to-look-at concrete surface. It also includes enhanced durability and maintenance cost savings - since ground concrete surfaces are easier to clean. However, a homeowner can only enjoy these advantages if he or she does the concrete grinding work properly. This is usually a challenge especially when one is working with hard concrete. Why? Because hard concrete usually needs almost-constant exposure to the diamonds in the metal matrix. Not catering to this need usually leads to problems such as poor grinding finish. Here are tips that will help you avoid this problem.

Going for segments that have softer metal matrix bonds

A grinder is only effective when its cutting edges – the diamonds – are exposed. This is something that usually happens when friction eats up the metal matrix and thus exposes new sets of diamonds.

Harder concrete usually wears off the exposed diamonds at a faster rate. If the metal matrix being used has strong bonds, the resulting friction will take a long time to wear out the metal matrix. It will therefore take a longer time to expose a new set of diamonds, something that will lead to prolonged periods of ineffective grinding. This is problem that can be solved by using segments with softer metal matrix bonds.

Using weight on the grinding head

If you already have a not-as-soft-as-it-is-supposed-to-be segment, you can still have a good hard concrete grinding session if you have some weights. All that you will have to do is to apply the weights onto the grinding head. This will cause the segment to press harder against the concrete. It will increase the friction between the segment and the concrete, something that will eventually increase the rate at which the segment's metal matrix wears off and thus increasing the rate of exposure of new diamond grinding heads.

Using sand

The grinding process relies on friction to wear out the layers of metal that are holding the diamonds in place. If the friction generated during the grinding process is not enough to a smooth grinding experience, try throwing sand onto the slab.

The sand will increase the resultant grinding friction, which will then accelerate the rate of diamond exposure.

Reversing the grinder rotation

Continued grinding on hard concrete can cause a smoothing-out effect both on the concrete and on the diamonds. This smoothing out is usually one way and has the effect of reducing the amount of friction between the two surfaces.

Reversing the direction in which the grinder rotates will give the disc a new angle of attack. It will expose the concrete to the not-so-smoothed-out edges of the already exposed diamonds. And the overall increase in friction from the change will result in faster exposure of new diamonds.

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